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Studio Location
“WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?” From Sculpture 1991: Ongoing Lobby Directory Board Listing Artists, Gallery, Curators, Dates
RESERVED FOR LEO CASTELLI: SINCE CEZANNE (After Clive Bell) 2008 C-Print of Name Plate Reserving a Table in Perpetuity
“WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?” On From Here 1991: Ongoing Lobby Directory Board Listing Artists, Gallery, Curators, Dates
NOT QUITE MRS DE MENIL’S LIQUOR CLOSET 2012 Ongoing Walls: Wood Paneling Wall Murals Door: Felt and Bulls Eye Mirror
NOT QUITE MRS DE MENIL’S LIQUOR CLOSET 2012 Ongoing Closet: Art Work Gifted/Traded for by the Artist, Shelves, Glasses, Liquor
Artist's Statement

My practice began in the storage basement of Tibor de Nagy in ‘85 where as an intern, sorting out old Artforums, I discovered a project by Lucas Samaras. As I recall it, it encompassed 3 full DPS’s in which a Neo Abstract Expressionist skeleton was reproduced in various enlargements. The view zoomed with each spread, beginning with a full body representation, magnifying an enlargement of the head, and ending on a close up of the mouth. Printed across the entire skeleton was the word "artist"; on the head, "dealer"; and on the mouth, "collector". The images are powerfully embedded in my memory and their positions have continually influenced my art. How these associated parties (artists, dealers, and collectors), reclaim their identity through a piece of art, and combine/combat their destinies is of importance and became the crux of my practice as an artist, curator, writer/publisher (zingmagazine), and collector (The Dikeou Collection).


Dikeou has been in over 130 group shows/20 solo or special projects. The series, “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” was shown initially with Kenny Schachter (91), then at Postmasters (98), the New Museum’s NYC 1993 (13), and the Flag Art Foundation(10). She showed at Tricia Collins Grand Salon, an installation later featured in Art Basel 29 Statements and as a finalist: Mandarina Duck “Search for Art”. She exhibited at Artmoving Williamsburg(07), and 179 Canal and Domy Books Austin(both 10). She was a resident at Artpace(11), and she will have a museum show at Arthouse AMoA (13), both curated by Heather Pesanti. She has made special artist’s projects at International Art Fairs, including The Independent, NADA MB, NADA NY, and Armory. As part of her practice she founded zingmagazine (95), has edited/published 23 issues featuring over 300 curated projects, and created The Dikeou Collection featuring installations of 36 contemporary artists.