Derek Weisberg

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Auroral Dreams Still Hover", ceramic, 2010
"The Dunce Is Always Lonely", ceramic, 2010
"The Bridge Is Over", ceramic 2010
"Stares Into the Infinite" ceramic and mixed media, 2010
"I held A Wake for Today Again" ceramic and mixed media, 2010
Artist's Statement

I create works of art that are emotional and psychological self-portraits. Through my work I aim to make sense of my life, my experiences, and the times I live. I do not wish to represent like a photo, instead to achieve an innerness. My goal is to create images, which are accessible and allow the viewer to have an experience which can not be easily articulated, but felt. Simultaneously igniting contemplation, reflection and a lasting relationship with the work. I attempt to express basic human qualities, which are universal and timeless.


Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions
“Auroral Dreaming”, Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, CA,
“You Were Almost Extinct Again”, San Francisco University High, San Francisco, CA
“You Were Almost Extinct Too”, Florida Atlantic University, John D. Macarthur Library Gallery, Jupiter, FL
“Mine Us One”, with James Kirkpatrick, Hatch Gallery, Oakland, CA
"The Moth, The Flame, and The Returning Comet" with Matt Rebholz, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA
“Olam Haba The World To Come," Rowan Morrison Gallery, Oakland, CA
“The Moth, The Flame, and the Returning Comet, part 2”, Stumble Upon Office, San Francisco, CA
"Sugar and Spice and Everything's Not So Nice" with Crystal Morey, Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, GA
"Victoria Everlasting," Anno Domini, San Jose CA