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Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Containment #1 Pigment, acrylic, pencil on mylar, 34" x 41"
Containment #5 Pigment, acrylic, pencil on mylar, 34" x 41"
BrokenWorld Acrylic on Sintra panel 70" x 49"
Regrowth 1 & 2 Diptych, acrylic, pigment on Sintra panel 74" x 96"
Geopolitical Series Untitled #1, acrylic on Sintra, 36" x 38"
Artist's Statement

My new work involves the creation of urban based socio-political, geographic, architectural paintings. In 2006, I began working with polymers submersed in pigment, pencil markers, acrylic paint. These materials have become a prominent feature of my new work. I am dissecting fragmenting and rearranging shapes and forms derived from architecture of the bay Area, creating a sense of new environments. Using Bay Area geographic form derived from intuitive deconstruction and reconstruction of architecture into a new field of perspective. I have always been formally involved with nature in the Bay Area, now my obsession has grown, I feel connected to the nature that surrounds us but what contains us. What has been happening in the world for the last decade globally has shaped my perception of reality and how I interpret and conceive it? I am attempting to combine these observations to create a compilation of connective awareness.


1977-1981 School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
1975 Art Students League, New York, NY
One Person
2011 Displacement, 550 California ST, SF, CA
2010 SFMOMA Museo, 151 third street SF, CA
2005 90 New Montgomery, San Francisco, CA
2003 Gallery at Thoreau, The Presidio of San Francisco, CA
2002 Sharon Park Gallery, Menlo Park, CA
2000 Gallery Ovissi, Emeryville, CA
1993 South Eighth Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
1985 Laight Street Gallery, Tribeca, NY
1981 First National Bank, Clinton, NJ
1977 - 1981 School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY
2011 Habitat: Explorations of Home and Shelter in Contemporary Art; Lafayette, CA
2009 SFMOMA Artist gallery New World Order SF, CA
2009 SFMOMA Artist Gallery Holidaz SF, CA
2008 SFMOMA Artists Gallery, San Francisco, CA