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Dennis Redmoon Darkeem

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Star Snack Quilt
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New Life
Dennis Redmoon
Artist's Statement

Art has become a conduit connecting my artistic ideas and concepts to the public realm. I am Dennis Redmoon Darkeem-- multimedia artist, crafter, photographer, and performer. My cultural background has a big influence on my work. I am a Native American and Brazilian artist living in New York City. Tradition and customs have become the foundation for many of my art pieces. I try to debunk myths and stereotypes which society has naturalized by questioning and exploring the representation of the unheard voices. I often recycle unconventional items in my work to critique problems faced by Native Americans in the US. For example, in certain pieces I use alcohol paraphernalia (can tabs, beer bottle caps, etc.) along with traditional Native American symbols like feathers, shells, and bones to analyze alcoholism in the Native American community and how it has replaced tradition. I strive to be a voice for indigenous people.