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Debra Ramsay

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Measuring Parallels 31, 2008, 6 in sq, wax and eggshell on MDF
Measuring Parallels 8, 2008, 24 in sq, wax and eggshell on birch panel
Calculated Perception;8 forms, 2009, each 8 in x 5.5 in wax on paper
Equal Weights; 4 oz, 2009, 24 in sq, wax and eggshell on birch panel
In Other Words; Installation using chance, 2008, 22 in x 24 feet, wax and eggshell on birch panels
Artist's Statement

We seek balance in our lives. This involves perceiving the parts as being in correct proportion and it’s a subjective thing. It can also involve seeking literal balance, which consists of two things being equal.

The paintings in the series “Measuring Parallels” are each divided into two equal parts. Using wax or eggshell to distinguish each half, I find different ways to arrange this division. “Calculated Perceptions” is a series that examines perceived and measured balance. In the series “Equal Weights” the different materials used are of the same weight.

The reductive/simple look of the work disguises the complex set of measurements and manipulation of materials used to make it.

Debra Ramsay


Selected Exhibitions
2009 Balancing Act, Blank Space, NY, NY
2008 Boundary, eo Art Lab, Chester, CT
2007 Opening to Perception, Franklin 54, New York, NY
2010 Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Westchester Community College Center For The Arts, White Plains, NY
2009 32nd Small Works, NYU Washington Square East Gallery
eo Art Lab, Chester, CT
2008 Maloney Gallery, College of St Elizabeth, Morristown, NJ
R&F Handmade Paints Artist of the Month, RFPaints Blog, December 1,2009,
Coincidentally: Ramsay and Mann, Joanne Mattera Art Blog, October 28, 2009
Selected Collections
Tyra Banks
Will Ramsay, CEO Pulse Contemporary Art Fairs, London
Ritz-Carlton, Dubai