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Deborah Zlotsky

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Arringaling powdered graphite on mylar 44 inches x 30 inches 2007
Piquance powdered graphite on mylar 36 inches x 25 inches 2009
Piquance DETAIL
Zurth powdered graphite on mylar 36 inches x 25 inches 2009
Lapalopadoo powdered graphite on mylar 12 inches x 9 inches 2008
Artist's Statement

In my drawing series, LifeLike, I manipulate powdered graphite on sheets of mylar. An initial smear begins a process of documenting what I imagine I see in the powdered graphite as it is spread, painted, blown, erased, wiped and smudged. While the results are fictitious, the concreteness of the illusion of the forms I conjure up blurs boundaries between documenting nature and inventing nature. The uncertainty between the two raises questions about the ambiguities of nature and what we identify as natural. Although my impulse to observe the visible world is deep-seated, I avoid using photographic references to allow less predictable relationships to surface in my search for signs of life in the marks. Despite the accidental way I fabricate relationships, the forms and surfaces acquire the irregularities, complexities and beauty of the natural world.


Deborah Zlotsky's work is in the curated flat files of Pierogi Gallery and The Boston Drawing Project at Joseph Carroll and Sons Gallery, as well as the online-curated registry at The Drawing Center. In 2010, she exhibited her work at Pierogi Gallery as the “Artist of the Week” and, in 2006, her work was included in Twice Drawn, a contemporary drawing exhibit curated by Ian Berry at the Tang Museum (Saratoga Springs, NY). Her work has also been included in recent group shows at Joseph Carroll and Sons Gallery, the Lana Santorelli Gallery (NYC) and the Albany International Airport. Her work is in public collections across the US, including Progressive Insurance, Rutgers University, the William Benton Museum of Art and the Albany Institute of History and Art. Zlotsky received a BA in Art History from Yale University and an MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Connecticut.