Deborah Wasserman

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No Longer Your Chica
The Longest Journey Starts With A Single Step
Mother Earth/Queen of Trash
HEAVY LOAD: Washing My Dirty Laundry In Public
Carry On And On
Artist's Statement

Through my own life experience as an artist, a woman, a wife, an immigrant, and a mother I have become committed to making socially engaged art that explores women’s positions at home and at work in today’s patriarchal society. I use my own body and persona to interact with the public via performance art and public interventions. I strategically draw from my experience as an artist, an art teacher/museum educator by using models of inquiry based learning and open-ended questions to interact with and engage the public. I employ performance and improv, visual art, verbal communication (I’m proficient in Portuguese, Hebrew, English and some Spanish), technology and media, as my interactive tools of creative engagement. My goals are to raise consciousness about women's issues in the areas of labor, migration, , equal rights and sexual exploitation.


Inspired by her rich South American and Middle-Eastern background, her life voyages and nomadic history, artist Deborah Wasserman makes personal, visceral, Feminist and socially engaged art centered on her experience of being a woman, a migrant, a mother, and a worker in today’s divided, Patriarchal society.

As a multi-cultural and multi lingual hybrid, Deborah’s art often reflects the yearning to belong and the urge to embrace multiplicity (of materials, processes, ideas and even variety of assumed personas), a diversity that defy hierarchy and represents the Many. Whether in painting or drawing, performance or video, installation or writing, Her art germinates from “in-betweeness” of space, the assimilation of dualities of high and low, public and private, beauty and repulsive, pathetic and glorified.