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David Schoerner

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
9/23/12 (Studio, 20 Grand Ave.), 2012
9/16/12 (Studio, 20 Grand Ave.), 2012
4/15/12 (Studio, 20 Grand Ave.), 2012
8/25/12 (Studio, 20 Grand Ave.), 2012
It's All For You (Returned to Sender 1), 2012
Artist's Statement

Upon entering my studio I point a 4x5 view camera directly at one of the walls, set the aperture to its maximum, and expose a sheet of 4x5 instant film for the duration of time I am there. They become a sentimental record of the artist's time spent working alone in the studio. The subtleties of color and light take on new meaning and importance, and the viewer is left to contemplate the simultaneous intimacy and isolation of a camera working independently in the studio while I do the same.

It's All For You (Returned to Sender) stems from a news print poster It's All For You. Prior to sending the poster through the mail it is personalized with the recipients name beneath the text, It's All For You. The mass produced poster contradicting the personal statement and hand writing. The damaged poster that has been returned to the artist offers another poetic layer to the work and its inability to fulfill the statement, It's All For You.


David Schoerner is an artist and publisher living in New York. He has been included in exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Norway, Sweden, France and Hong Kong. In 2007 he founded the independent publishing house, Hassla Books.