David Pullman

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Subway Curmudgeon Watercolor
Three Trees Late Autumn oil paint
Subway Giant -Watercolor
Cynthia- oil paint
Riverside Dr- oil paint
Artist's Statement

Like fallen leaves creating patterns on
sodden ground
We fall,we rise,change yet remain the same as
the world spins round and round
So naked are the trees, (when they loose their
leaves)do they shiver in the cold
Like you and me do they need another to love and
Each leaf that falls is born again
each and every spring
As dreams and love give birth to
each and every thing.


David J. Pullman is a versatile painter and
illustrator who lives and works on Manhattan's Upper
West Side. His work ranges from portrait commissions
and fine oil and watercolor paintings [done with his
right hand] to caricature drawings [done with his left
hand]. David can often be seen painting landscapes in
Central Park or sketching people in the subways,
restaurants and streets of New York City. His work
has been exhibited at The National Academy of Design.
The National Arts Club, Walden International, and Juno
Gallery, among others. His illustrations have
appeared in Harper's Bazaar, Penthouse, Playboy, The
Ribald Eagle, Time Publications, Fairchild
Publications, and others. Awards include the Alphaeus
P. Cole Award (Allied Artists), the Edward Mooney
Award (National Academy of Design) and the John
Young-Hunter Award (Allied Artists).