David Mramor

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
John Doe, 48x36 in, acrylic, spray paint, marker, and pencil on printed canvas, 2010
Avocado, 10x8 in, acrylic and spray paint on mounted photo, 2010
Open Heart, 10x8 in, acrylic on mounted photo, 2010
Fire, 8x10 in, acrylic on mounted photo, 2010
Knives, 36x24 in, acrylic, pencil, marker on printed canvas, 2010
Artist's Statement

Instincts drive these paintings. A fast process of intuitive gesture created on top of a photographic image creates a relationship that questions the “real” versus the “illusion”, the “literal” versus the “abstract”. The photo images play with larger metaphors and ideas to express the classical contrast of Eros and Thanatos in a contemporary context. They use the basic modalities of the portrait, landscape, and still life. I am interested in creating interruption and illusion within the space of the painting. Ambiguity, shifting shapes, and endless possibilities these works are free-spirited.


2008 Master of Fine Arts
School of Visual Arts, NYC, NY
2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting
Ohio University, Athens, OH


SE Gallery, "Drawing Show", Sweden

Postmasters Gallery,"Don't Flee the Art Market", NYC, NY
Like the Spice Gallery,"Artists Assistants", Brooklyn, NY
AAF, New York, NY

Plus Gallery , "Vis-a-Visage" , Denver, CO
Visual Arts Gallery , "Cenacle" , New York, NY
Gallery XIV , "A Politic" , Boston, MA
Massimo Audiello , "C'mon shake it!-ah ah, Check it!-ooh ooh, New York, NY

Visual Arts Gallery , "Animal" , New York, NY
Artist Space , "Drawing Show" , New York, NY
Galapagos Artist Space , "Occupancy", Brooklyn, NY
West 21st Gallery , "Open Secret", New York, NY