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David Grainger

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Studio Location
Detail of Deer in Headlights - foam, resin, lighting, paint. 2008 Each headlight is approx. 36" x 46" 46"
Deer in Headlights installed with videos - foam, resin, lighting, wall, paint, steel. 2008 Deer is 80" x 87" x 26"
Mayday - aluminum, paint, steel. 2008-2010. 108" x 108" x 120"
Spinning Plate - foam, wood, motor, paint. 2007. 10" x 10" x 60"
Chandelier - MDF, wood, paint, chain. 2007. 47" x 36" x 36"
Artist's Statement

I am interested in isolating points of wonder or astonishment that defy common experience. These confluences lead my work to visual trickery, the quasi-spiritual, and found illusions. I focus on art’s ability to depict the moment when words fall away, a breathless stasis poised as high drama in frozen action.


David Grainger received his BA in Integrated Arts from Penn State University in 1999, and an MFA in Sculpture and Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2008. In recent years he has exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, San Juan, Richmond, and Maryland. He has displayed work at the Scope Miami Art Fair and the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota. His work is included in the 2007 Winter issue of the publication Daily Constitutional, as well as the book 500 Pitchers, published by Lark Press. Before returning to New York, David taught classes in video art at VCU.