David Goodman

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Deep, Way Down In My Soul, 21×22.5 in. Paper, plastic, paint,firewood charcoal, pen. 2010
Fucked Amazing Grace, 22x23in. Paper, plastic, paint, firewood charcoal, chalk, crayon. 2010
Poor Navigation, 21.5×22.5 in. Paper, paint, firewood charcoal, chalk, crayon, ball-point pen. 2010
Wretch Like Me, 26.5×19 in. Paper, paint, firewood charcoal, chalk, crayon, ball-point pen. 2010
Artist's Statement

David Goodman assembles complex compositions that are reminiscent of archeological findings. Using a developing theory of Visual Data Mining, Goodman’s focus is on deciphering image clues and to reveal accurate personal visual chronology. He is part of the media generation; one that grew up with the advent of the personal computer—from DOS and C prompts, to the complexities of social networking, file sharing and the current warp speed of communication which is leading to confusion over authorship and ownership of visual media. Through all his process, Goodman is evaluating his own loss of visual memory and control.

This series, MAGNETOMETRIC READING OF STERLING COLORADO, are the result of a visit to Sterling, Colorado (Dec 2009) and it's bleak landscape. They are drawn with materials found on site during the visit and are focused on understanding the misaligned experience.


2010 — Curator, 92Y TriBeCa, Jan 2011
Curator, The Judd Foundation NYC: Special Presentations 3/29/10, 5/24/10, 11/18/10
01/2010 – 05/2010 Guest Lecturer RISD
4/10 Nothing But a Suitcase, Basel, CH
4/10 Hanging Out at Hermes und der Pfau
7/09 Micheal Steinberg Gallery
8/09 Lyons Weir Gallery
4/09 RAAB Galerie, Berlin
10/08 RxArt Benefit
11/07 James Cohan Gallery, NYC
11/07 Grant Gallery, NYC
10/07 The Seed Project, Winkleman Gallery, NYC
5/07 Grant Gallery, NYC
4/07 Square Foot, Art Gotham, NYC
4/07 RAAB Gallerie, Berlin, Germany
2/07 Very Style Guide, NYC
12/06 Sikkema and Jenkins Co, NYC
2/06 Yoko Devereaux, Film
12/05 Robert Miller Gallery, NYC
4/04 Ever Exanding, Here Arts, NYC
1/03 New York 2020, NYC
5/01 Hexagon Gallery, IN
8/99 RAAB Gallerie, Berlin Germany
2001 MFA, Indiana University.
1999 BFA, Boston University.