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David Ferris

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Five III, 2009. Cement, Paper, 25” x 14.25” x 14.25”
Eight, 2009. Basswood, Books, 28” x 10” x 8.5”
pdqb, 2007. Painted wood, Newspaper, 5.5” x 22.75” x 25”
pdqb, 2007. Painted wood, Newspaper, 5.5” x 22.75” x 25”
E3, 2007. Mahogany, 9” x 8.5” x 10.5”
Artist's Statement

My current work explores both the essence of form and intrinsic attributes in the alphabet and numerals. They are beautiful shapes, yet there is an overriding power to communicate inherent in each character. That duality fascinates me.
Among the first shapes we learn to draw as children, letters and numbers are rooted deep within our culture. Their role is to carry a message. By design they are to be glanced at, not focused on. My work revisits the formal qualities of each character. In doing so I find new ideas are expressed: humor, oddity, simplicity, beauty, connection, association—the play is endless.
I create most of my work by hand. Wood is often my material of choice, but ultimately I choose my materials based on what best suits the idea behind each piece.


David Ferris lives and works in New York City. He graduated from the School of Fine and Applied Arts at Appalachian State University with a BFA in graphic design. His current sculptures pull strongly from his work as a furniture and graphic designer. His work has been included in group shows at The Fayetteville Museum of Art in North Carolina, and with Paradigm Art in New York City. Public acquisitions of his work include the Appalachian Artist Collection, NC. David’s design work has been nationally and internationally recognized in numerous industry related publications.