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David Court

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Differentiation, video production still, 2009
Changing Installation for the UTAC Lounge, video monitor, video projections, audio system, furniture, 2009
On Convenience, vinyl on glass, collaboration w/Josh Thorpe, 2009
Approximate Real-Time System, video projections, foam-core, ladder, computer boxes, plastic bag, 2008
The Other Gallery, documentation from 10-day collaborative project w/Leigh-Ann Pahapill, 2008
Artist's Statement

My work focuses on the relations between image, space, and subjectivity; on the everyday, embodied experience of meaning-making as situated within the context of technological and global pressures. Through processes of recording, representing, and rearranging, these site-responsive projects perform a kind of sounding out, intensifying the experience of presence and place as an entanglement between materiality and virtuality, location and dislocation. This approach reflects an emphasis on the in-between, working on the threshold between art and vernacular contexts.


David Court is an artist born in Halifax, Canada currently based in Queens, New York. He has a Masters in Visual Studies from the University of Toronto, for which he received the Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Recent exhibitions include the Flux Factory in New York, the Convenience Gallery in Toronto, and a public commission for the Toronto Sculpture Garden. In 2008 he participated in a residency at the Banff Center, Canada. He has published art reviews and catalog texts in Canada, the US, and China.