Daphne Arthur

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Untitled, 2008. Twine, wire, wood, plastic, oil, acrylic on paper and canvas. Dimensions varied (approx. 99”x82”x25”)
Derelict, 2008. Oil, acrylic, spray paint, latex, white cloth, wire mesh, twine, muscle shells, and paper on canvas. 77”x66
Swamp, 2008. Oil, acrylic, spray paint, latex, plastic, two pennies, pillow, twine on canvas. 79”x107.7”
Untitled. (Landscape with roots & belts.) 2009. Varied dimensions. 167”x78”x29”
El Juego del Tra Tra. 2009. Wall piece, 53”x54.5”x31”, canvas, wax, latex, oil paint, spray paint, wire mesh, fur, plastic, w
Artist's Statement

Psychological Spaces are intricate filamentous structures composed of sensorial experiences, memories, time, histories and cultural mythologies, combined to orchestrate ones’ sense of place and space. Place, being an articulation of comfort (an extension of the home), and space, being an articulation of vastness, and constructed freedom.

  Navigating these constructed spaces, the represented bodies and landscapes become interchangeably analogous. Constantly going through states of transformation, from two dimensional to three dimensional characteristics that coalesce into morphing fragments, detritus, and residues of erupting elements; with the purpose of conflating reality with the fictional, to similarly emulate the vicissitudes of memory.




 2007  BFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

2009  MFA, Yale University School of Art