Danielle Fischer

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Danielle Fischer, Tent , Oil & acrylic on shaped canvas, 200 x 95 cm, 2012
Danielle Fischer, Ink Droped in Milk, Painting Installation, 2011
Danielle Fischer, Ink Milk & Bed, Quilt & video installation, 2012
Danielle Fischer,Red and Green Middles, Video installation, 2012
Danielle Fischer, Hallways, C-Type print, 137 x 92 cm, 2012
Artist's Statement

In my work I look to portray a visual language, the in-between space of a floating area. An area where something is in the air and on the water but at the same time does not rest on any one end, a surface that is barely felt but there. I am looking through photography video and painting on not modular canvas shapes to express this space of inbetween, I encounter with curiosity and question. This past year I went through a door with a No- trespassing sign. .Ever since I can remember I have been moving between three countries and rented places. My Mother was named a stateless citizen in France after being kicked out of Egypt in 1956. In distant stories about wives who poisoned their husbands and palaces far away, I am suspicious of these stories and look for them at the same time. Through them I look for the place of a stranger, like a drop of ink in Milk.These places evolve in my paintings of in-between spaces where I ask to pass.


2010 - Yale University School of the Arts
2007- 2011 Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem B.FA

This Real Beeing, Mandel Collection, Jerusalem, 2012
2011 Aesthetics and Bias-Performance Delegation to Krakaw, Poland
2010Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship Award to Attend Yale Summer School of Music and Art at Norfolk
2008 Mendel Prize for Young Artists

Fischer Danielle, She Who Stands, Kineret Zmura Bitan, Or Yehuda, In Press, 2012

Ink Milk, Homemade 5 video art compilation, International video festival IVAHM´12, Madrid, Spain and Columbia, 2012- 2013
Ya'ar , "GLIMPSE: ENIGMATC VISIONS" William Bennett Museum, Soho NY, NY, 2011
My Safety Pin, Performance at Story Time, Mobious, Cambridge, MA 2011
Brian - Performance , The Seam Museum, Jerusalem,IL