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Daniella Rubinovitz

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Landscape series: Big Leap 40in by 28in acrylic on linen.
Landscape series: Parrot Dream 40in by 28in acrylic on linen.
Landscape series: Space for Two 40in by 28in acrylic on linen.
Landscape series: Forest through Trees 40in by 28in acrylic on linen.
Landscape series: Stride 40in by 28in acrylic on linen.
Artist's Statement

As a visual artist, I believe that inspiration comes from raw beauty. I believe in challenging materials and techniques. I believe that being human is a journey to express experience and play with. I believe in exposing raw materials in completed projects. I believe in combining reality with the element of magic. I believe in timeless pieces that connect to our mental, emotion, and physical bodies. I believe that art can uplift, inspire and invigorate a playful twist of pleasure. I believe in drawing, painting, sculpting and multi media. I believe in living between Amsterdam and New York City. I believe.


Daniella Rubinovitz was born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Daniella graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tufts University in affiliation with the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. After some time in the arts she experienced the world of construction and mass production by completing a degree in Industrial Design from Pratt institute. Later she integrated her obsession to master how color, line and form are linked with our subconscious through pursuing her degree of spiritual art therapy from Leiden. Daniella currently combines her experience from all her disciplines as a visual artist to create abstract figurative artwork. Here she primarily plays on the stage between expressionism with elements of reality. The images are monumental landscape that could easily fit within an apple core, or XL billboards at times square. Daniella has been interviewed for Radio and print in USA, Dubai, London and Germany.