Daniel Weinstein

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Browns & Greens, Golds & Streams - acrylic on canvas
Sedona - acrylic on canvas
The Painted Desert - acrylic on canvas
Chlose Belle - acrylic on canvas
Earth Tones - acrylic on canvas
Artist's Statement


"Abstract expressionism" is the appropriate label for my paintings. This term includes the color-field theorists like Mark Rothko and Hans Hoffman, and I've enjoyed incorporating their techniques and ideas into my paintings.

My newest works are being influenced by several factors:

a) Modern interior design. When I make a painting, I like to imagine that it's going to hang in a really beautiful home.

b) A shift to the "Earth Tones" palette.

c) "Atmospheric Abstraction" - Particularly horizon lines.

d) "Geometric Abstraction" - A contemporary painter named Sean Scully has been a major influence on this style, which Piet Mondrian created.


I have been painting for about a decade. My strongest influence is Jackson Pollock. I love the excitement and the challenge of custom-making a drip painting utilizing Pollock's techniques, which I am always studying.