Daniel Fenelon

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Artist's Statement

My work infuses a blend of cartooning, street modernism and ancient tribal motifs along with an explosion of vibrant colors. Cartoons were a big influence on me growing up, and when I began to examine Egyptian hieroglyphs and Aztec codecs I made a connection between them and modern sequential art. Combining these elements with toys and other modern mass-produced objects was just the twist I was looking for to create a feeling of tribal tradition applied to modern culture.


Established artist with multiple one-man exhibitions and high-profile commissions. Painter, sculptor, and muralist with a unique vision and a bold, groundbreaking style. Accomplished craftsman whose strong, original works capture the eye and the imagination.

Current Exhibit
Montclair Art Museum (2009-2011) Installment and exhibition of Myth Memories and Inspiration, a 32’x12’ Mural in the Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation Stairwell. Lora Urbanelli, Director of the Montclair Art Museum: “Dan approaches his canvas intent on capturing a deep and serious cultural spirit.  In the synthesis, myth and symbol are processed through a graphic filter that combines depth of meaning with a lighthearted and dazzling presentation.  The result is both youthful and mature, thought-provoking and down-right fun!”