Daniel DeLuna

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DD020913 /Acrylic on Canvas / 18 x 24 inches /2013
DD120613 / Acrylic on paper / 30 x 22 inches / 2013
DD120113 / Acrylic on canvas / 18 x 24 inches / 2013
DD052212 /Acrylic on Paper / 30 x 22 inches / 2012
DD121513 / Silverpoint and acrylic ground on polypropylene / 6.75 x 5.125 inches / 2013
Artist's Statement

The work takes a nod at the history of traditional abstraction as filtered through and informed by the pervasive influence of technology on contemporary culture. Digital tools are used extensively in the creation of the work as I employ both common software as well as highly specialized high-end 3d animation applications. The gestural impulses, including erasures, as contrasted against the geometric, reflect my deeply ambivalent relationship with technology. I am searching for how to create meaningful aesthetic experiences in a culture where the visual is increasing debased by the image glut caused by our interaction with the digital realm.

I want the works to be emotionally resonant, they do not make up a singular emotional statement but instead have a connection to the flows, forces, textures, rhythms and complex relationships we experience in everyday life.



Rochester, NY based artist Daniel DeLuna has exhibited his painting, drawing and digital work internationally. Starting as a painter, his work has been greatly extended and influenced by his engagement with digital media at the same time retaining the connection to the initial practice in those traditional mediums. Working with an abstract visual language, he creates richly evocative work influenced by art history, music, and design. He holds an MFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. and is currently Associate Professor in the School of Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology.