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Daniel Contreras

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Euphoria - 28x22 - Oil On Canvas
Lost The Keys To The Kingdom - 22x28 - Oil On Canvas
Perspective - Multi Panal - Oil on Canvas
The Widow - 18x24 - Watercolor
The Green Fairy - 18x24 - Watercolor
Artist's Statement

Although I use reality I have never attempted to create art that exactly resembles life. Each piece reflects the macabre that seems to exist in everything. I have deconstructed simple visual definitions, classic children's stories, social/civil movements, portraits, literary quotes, and everyday mundane experiences, in a manner illustrating the romanticism of the eerie. With this said, the main objective of my work is to expose the poetry within the macabre, and our desire to find beauty and grace in everything.

Though the medium and materials may vary from piece to piece, the methodology remains consistent. Though initially most of my projects may appear ghastly and darkly humorous (as it has been said), I do believe each depicts a positive message that uses the macabre to parallel the Hemingway notion of, "Grace Under Pressure".

-Daniel Contreras


Daniel Contreras is a visual artist and writer working out of Queens, New York. Daniel's brief academic eduction in art includes classes at Queens-borough Community College in 2008, and The New York Art League in 2012. He is currently working on a set of novel illustrations and a series of album art for the Brooklyn based band The Candy Apples.

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