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daniel Baltzer

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Artist's Statement

Technology has found its way into the fabric of our relationships. Its development and maintenance has become, in part, based on modern innovations. The evolution of relationship and networking using communication technology is explored in broadcast.

Begun in May 2006, broadcast is a series of paintings about technology that has the potential to weave people, ideas and culture into a single dynamic fabric. To participate in this process involves taking risks, as children do when they play. Children use play earnestly as an opportunity to explore and connect, creating the framework by which they learn and make more complex decisions, while staying adaptive. Communication through play is a basic element to understanding the world and the link we have to society through the networks we have formed.


daniel Baltzer lives and works in East Harlem, New York City. His interest in the evolution of human relationships and social networks, as they relate to communication technology, is the source for his most recent work and drives the making of his collage-like oil paintings.

Selected Exhibitions
Complification, April-May, Gaga Art Center, Garnerville, NY
Spotlight Exhibition, March-May, Philadelphia Biblical University, Philadelphia, PA
Juried Group Show, March, White Stone Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Endurance, October-November, CityArts Factory, Orlando, FL
broadcast, September, Private Viewing, Washington DC
Over the Rainbow, November-January, Yoo Art Space, Seoul, Korea
First Fruits, October, Redeemer, New York, NY
Neighbors, October, floor4, New York, NY
Indifference and Apocrypha, April, the FUEL Collection, Philadelphia, PA
Aqua Art Miami, December 6-9, Heidi Cho Gallery, Miami, Florida.