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My work is inspired by imagined and naive notions of unfamiliar places. I am interested in the personification of masses, through illustrating obscured groups of people, patterns and movements from various cultures in order to depict how others would perceive them from afar. The imagery, often objects or landscapes rather than the corporeal, is a countenance of locality and history, as well as a confluence of manmade beauty and metaphysical conditions.
Conceptually, my figurative work is inspired by the idea of role playing; these pieces express a sense of shedding and finding personal identity through fictionalizing yourself, by means of traveling through a different environment and it's respective constructions concerning love, relationships and visual routine.


As by Sinking Attic Studios Gallery Long Island City, NY
Every Night at Midnight at Envoy Gallery. 131 Chrystie, NY
New Works at Union Gallery. Tribeca, NY
Patterns in Nature, JAG Modern. Philadelphia, PA

GROUP SHOWS (select)
Back to the Future, Life on Mars Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
The Painting Center Turns 21. The Painting Center. Chelsea, NY
Cutlog Artfair. 2014 Les, NYC
Fountain Art Fair; Armory Show. New York, NY
Honoroable Beasts, Elgin Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
Summer Salon, Seager Gray gallery, San Francisco, CA
Miami Basel, Wynwood District. The Hanger Gallery
Miami Art Walk, Wynwood District The Hanger Gallery