Dana Burns

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Femme dans sa chambre", acrylic and paper on panel
"Four Men", acrylic and paper on panel
"Femme dans un chat", acrylic on canvas
Artist's Statement

My work expresses the compassion and respect that I have for the natural world, often connecting humans and animals in hybridity as directed by personal passion for pre-Columbian civilization and ancient art. Visiting indigenous villages and Inca ruins in South America several years ago compelled me to further this interest by taking art history courses that explored American Indian, Mayan, and Indian art and civilizations. By using paper collage and mixed media in my work, I mean to reinforce our need to
re-connect to a delicate, tactile world as a way to embrace and value the planet over a consumer culture which uses up priceless resources and drives wildlife to extinction.



New York


2010 'February 6x6 Showcase", Charmingwall, New York, NY

2010 "X Initiative", 548 W 22nd Street, New York, NY

2010 "Group Exhibition", Avenue A Gallery, New York, NY

2009 "A Night of 1001 Prints", M55 Art, Long Island City, NY

2009 "40 x 19 x 11, M55 Art", Long Island City, NY

2009 "Fine Art Vs. Illustration", 2/20 Gallery, New York, NY

2009 "Fifty Unspoken Words", M55 Art, Long Island City, NY

2008 "Unveiled Allure", Self Portraits, The FIT Museum, New York, NY