Dan Hess

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Recent drawing, Swallowed in the Sea, in the studio.
Recent solo drawing show at the Lawrence Alloway gallery.
Untitled recent drawing, 28" x 14", in studio.
Installation view of The Whale, multiple projection video installation, solo exhibition.
Installation view of The whale, multiple projection video installation, solo exhibition.
Artist's Statement

Early on I became aware that this construct or container we encounter the world through was in fact a membrane or threshold between internal and external realities, each contending for custody of my worldview. Now I want to produce large scale drawings and sculptural installations that exist at this threshold, this place between two polarities; both now and then, coming and going, present and absent. The realized sculptural elements in the work are a substitute for the lived body. Giving a nod to perspective, these elements reveal that a transition between two states of being is indeed taking place. The painterly passages and video elements represent the unconcealed genetics of each unique work. This genetic structure contains both the memories of the past as well as the potential for the future, all being made visible at this threshold or chiasm. This between or state of lull is where that inner dialogue is most audible.


Dan Hess is a New York based artist who works in Stony Brook, New York, where he is an instructor of record at Stony Brook University.