Dalit Gurevich

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Studio Location
Age 11 Video projection and acrylic on plywood 14" x 36" 2002-2004
Age 12 Video projection, acrylic and charcoal on plywood 32" x 96" 2002-2005
Age 10 7" video screening, acrylic and mixed media on plywood 19" x 24" 2005
Age 2 Slide projection, acrylic and goggles on plywood 40" x 60" 2003-2005
Age 4 Video projection, acrylic and matches on plywood 33" x 25" 2003-2005
Artist's Statement

The series explores the dichotomy between the collective and individual identities, between the need to belong and the will to be different and special. The work stems from being born and raised in a kibbutz, a communal society in which the Kvutza (age group) was an all-round unit sharing everything. The intensive nature of this upbringing created a strong connection and dependence between the children that magnified the identity conflict. The private self encompasses our unique traits, beliefs, and skills. The collective self, includes all the qualities that spring from our membership in social groups. The work takes the form of an installation. It pairs acrylic painted self portraits in diverse time periods with corresponding original video footage, establishing a multi-level dialogue of material and light, intimate and public, static and dynamic, subjective and objective.


06/07 -Solo show - Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery – NY
05/07 -Group Show – “Singularity in the Communal Tide”, Pierro Gallery, South Orange -NJ
12/06 -Art Fair – Contemporary Istanbul with Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery - Turkey
10/06 -Group show – “Newark Between Us”, Newark, NJ
06/06 -Group Show – “Woman: Self Portrait”, Kashya Hildebrand Gallery
03/06 -Art Fair - SCOPE NY with Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery
10/05 -Solo show - Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery, Williamsburg – NY
07/05 -Group show - "Makor Marathon" - UWS – NY
06/05 -Group show "NEW '05" - Nurture Art Benefit, Chelsea – NY
05/04 -Group show - "See Williamsburg" - Williamsburg – NY
07/02 -Solo show - Ciao Bella, Williamsburg – NY
04/02 -Group show - The Hall of Art, Williamsburg – NY
02/02 -Solo show - The Gray Parrot, Williamsburg – NY