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Daina Shobrys

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Plastic Zinnias" 2009. 4'-6'D x 8-10'H, plastic banner fabric, tableclothes, pvc pipe, galvanized wire.
"Plastic Zinnias" 2009. 3'-6'D x 6-10'H, plastic banner fabric, tableclothes, pvc pipe, galvanized wire.
"Plastic Tiger Lilies" 2007. 6'W x 8'H, vinyl banner fabric, galvanized wire, conduit.
"Plastic Tiger Lily" 2007. Detail.
"Plastic Larkspur" 2008. Detail of exterior above. Plastic banner fabric, beads, galvanized wire.
Artist's Statement

The “Plastic Flowers” series of large outdoor sculptures (3-6’W x 6-12’H) came about through a combination of circumstances: Three years ago, I got the opportunity to use the grounds of Honey Hill Pottery, Callicoon, NY as an ongoing site. And I discovered the world of plastic signage material, which is made to be impervious to weather and is very inexpensive so working on a large scale is not prohibitively costly. The rest of my materials come from building supply stores. Plastic is of course, ubiquitous in our lives and cheap, profane and indestructible, perfect for calling attention to the evanescent beauty of nature. Artists have long used changes of scale in their work to get viewer’s attention. Most people have no idea of how flowers are constructed or how strange and complicated they may be. These flowers aim to show both the beauty and weirdness of growing things.


Daina Shobrys lives and works in New York City and the wilds of Acidalia, NY. The latter provides the inspiration for her outdoor sculptures. She graduated from Occidental College, Los Angeles and attended the Art Institute and the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago, both in Chicago. She has done projects and installations in various public places as well as for PS 1 Museum, the New Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

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