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Dagmar Hrickova

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Artist's Statement

"I am persuaded that the most important for my art has been travelling. I have experienced a life in Paris, Sicily, London, Prague and currently living on the suburbs of New York City. Regarding my work, I always tend to make art about things I know about and I understand them.
As a subject matter, I am not interested in niceties, but in people on the edge of society, the fringes, outcasts. So the subjects are rejected outsiders, he also often paints greyhounds. You see them around, on the street, this sort of dog. They always have the same look in their eyes. Along the way I've met a lot of interesting people, artists, musicians, travelers, class mates from all over the world, and also learned how is important to be open to make new friends at every opportunity life presents.
While I was at college, I spent a lot of time in the Life room, drawing form, drawing from life. I love to observe the life on the streets in the ca


Dagmar Hricková was born in Czech republic in 1988 and currently lives, studies and works on the suburbs of New York City. She grew up in a creative environment with her three talented siblings and moved abroad alone nearly before her 18 th birthday. Dagmar earned her Bachelor´s Degree in French Business Administration and masters five foreign languages. Interested in any form of arts, she is a passionate latin dancer as well.
During the course of her studies, she was given an opportunity to prepare three solo exhibitions in Czech Republic, London, Belgium, Germany addition to participating in a number of group shows. The paintings are part of many private collections in Los Angeles, Prague, Vienna or London.
She has became a 3rd 2011 Showcase Winner and a twice a Saatchi gallery showdown finalist. She spent a part of her studies in Paris - Sorbonne nouvelle and completed an internship in Germany.