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D. Dominick Lombardi

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Urchin #24 (2010) Sand, acrylic medium and objects, 28" X 30" x 20"
urchin #22 (2010) Graphite, gesso and collage on wood, 31" X 18.5"
urchin #19 (2010) Graphite, gesso and collage on wood, 32.75" X 15.75"
Urchin #12 (2009) Sand, acrylic medium and objects, 26" X 14" X 16"
Urchin #10 (2009) Sand, acrylic medium and objects, 19" X 10" X 9"
D. Dominick
Artist's Statement

Urchins, scamps, rascals have often been used as a somewhat sympathetic symbol of the marginalized - individuals that live outside the masses who develop survival skills survival, as well as a loss of identity and place.

My sand, acrylic medium and found object sculptures of those 'hidden' individuals are a sort of reverse double entendre in the way they combine two intentions for one meaning. The discarded objects that constitute the core of the human forms are castaways just like the lost souls that are represented in the sand and acrylic medium.

The collage element in my graphite on wood drawings are comprised of bits and pieces of 1970s news based magazines. This does two things: it allows me to repurpose and reuse, as well as suggest that we all eventually become lost and forgotten to varying degrees.

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Selected, Recent One-Person Exhibitions:
"Urchins: Sculptures and Collaged Drawings," Project Space: Kim Foster Gallery, New York, NY 2010
"Urchins," Curator, David Gibson, University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA, 2010.

Selected Recent Group Exhibitions:
"Memory," curator Helen Klisser During, Westport Art Center, 2010
"Apocalyptic Pop," Curator Kathleen Goncharov, The Dorsky Curatorial Program, Long Island City, NY, 2008.

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