Cynthia Fetty

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
untitled - polaroid from video still
untitled 2 - silver gelatin print from film
untitled 3 - silver gelatin print from film
untitled 4 - silver gelatin print from film
untitled 5 - silver gelatin print from film
Artist's Statement

I see abstractions in people through their constant movement and digital imprint. As in Heisenberg’s uncertainity principle, the presence of a viewer changes the outcome. The viewer then becomes a participant and so the outcome is never truly objective.

(1)Uncertainty Principle, which says that the more precisely the position of a particle is determined, the less precisely the momentum is known in this instant, and vice versa. *

I work in traditional photography (dark room, film, silver), mixed media materials and also with video and web based media.


1997 B.F.A. Fine Art Photography and Graphic Design, California State University at Fullerton, CA.

2010 - Thaddeus Kwiat Projects, Saugerties, NY
2009 - Posie Kviat Gallery, Hudson, NY (curator)
2007 - North Residency, Banff Centre, Alberta Canada - Grant Recipient – New photographic works
2006 - Interactive Screen 06 – Banff Centre, Alberta Canada – Presented “Caste Identifier” written piece
2006 - Monkey Town, Brooklyn NY - live cinema curator
2006 - Print Magazine – Regional Design
2003 - Colossal Design
2003 - Big Type2003 Designers in Handcuffs
2002 - HOW Magazine - Regional Design
2001 - HOW Magazine for "The Blue Series"
1999 - Featured Artist in Korean print magazine "Impress"
1999 - Featured Artist in online magazine ""