Cornelia Jensen

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Land & Water/Earth & Sky assemblage assortment
ICARUS (rusty steel can, locust, twig) 6" x 3"diam 2013
HIVE (Styrofoam packing material, LED light) 21" x 25" x 7" 2013
MONUMENT VALLEY WITH TWO HORSES (oil stick, latex paint, shellac on canvas) 72" x 72" 2012
THE PROMISE OF SPRING ( ink,latex paint, fur on denim) 32" x 42" 2009
Artist's Statement

My work ranges within three types of media; found-object assemblage, landscape and scientific painting, and light sculpture. A consistent theme is the relationship between humans and nature while experimenting with scale. Through the arrangement of various man-made and natural objects, my work explores the context of the “object” in relation to its environment, and how this reflects the relationship of individuals to their environment. The arrangements of mundane objects and materials emphasize their formal qualities, severing the association of each part from its origin. Via light and/or design, the parts are transformed into relics with an ironic juggling of reverence and irreverence. These "shrine-like" pieces challenge our perception of appropriate avenues to the sublime, and raise the question of what is meaningful or useless, beautiful or ugly, rare or common?...while drawing attention to our delicate marriage with nature.


Cornelia Jensen is a Brooklyn based artist practicing in a range of media including: found-object assemblage, light sculpture and landscape painting. She is a salon member of the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center. She was an artist in residence at Taliesin West Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture School and the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. Jensen received her MFA from California College of the Arts in 2008. In San Francisco, she was a resident artist and co-creator of the Lola Gallery and the multimedia venue, The Werepad. In 1987, she received a BA in Philosophy from Haverford College and also studied at the Studio Art Program of Syracuse University in Florence, Italy. Jensen graduated with honors in Art from The Masters School in 1983 where she also received the Linda Wyatt Chissell Art Award. Jensen has curated numerous exhibitions and has exhibited her work in the United States, Europe and Asia.