Cora Jane Glasser

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Query (in gray, #1) Encaustic & Oil on Homasote on Wood 30x15 inches, 2009
uery (in graphite, #2) Encaustic on Homasote on Wood 22x11 inches (2 parts) 2009
Query (in Blue, #3) Encaustic on Arches Paper 30x15 inches(2 parts) 2009
Query (in Red, #2) Encaustic on Arches Paper 15x12 inches (2 parts) 2009
Query (in Red, #5) Encaustic on Homasote Layers on Wood Panel 40 x 20 inches 2009
Cora Jane
Artist's Statement

I find the abstract imagery for my work in the constant tension between the old and new at construction sites in New York City, my home town. There are moments when it seems unclear if a structure is being torn down or built up. I capture those moments, and by reflecting upon the life cycle of seemingly permanent structures pose the question, “What will we leave behind, and will it be remembered?”

Materials, paint and form combine to create harmony between uncertainty and tentative resolution. The question, of course, remains unanswered, but I’m guessing it will be art.

Cora Jane Glasser


Glasser’s sculptural paintings are defined by architecture, and in particular by the architecture of New York City in its various stages of construction and demolition. Using a process of painting with wax (encaustic), her work examines the very process of building itself. Reflecting upon the transitory life cycle of seemingly permanent structures, and applying this investigation to the mutable aspects of being human and the enduring nature of art.

Cora Jane Glasser is a native New Yorker. She received her education in art and anthropology at Queens College and later at the Art Students League. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries nationally in and is in various corporate and private collections.