Constantin Hartenstein

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
STRHOME, video projection (still), 2006, Preview:
LIFTN, video projection (still), 2008, Preview .
SCHABRACKA, 2012, vinyl, plastic tubes, foil, led lights
STASIZENTRALE, 2012, plastic straws, wooden picks, microphones
COATCHECK, 2012, vinyl, plastic tubes, foil, hanger, post-its, led lights
Artist's Statement

I am interested in phenomenology understood as a ‘phenomenology of mind’;
aiming to dissociate myself from the abstractions of science and its neutral
objectivity. To me, phenomenology absorbs the concept of subjectivity; making
the unique conversations between an object and space the relevant topic and not the
object itself. My works display an interaction between abstract temporal
compositions andvideo images. Here, the visual space is always
populated; where there is a space, there is also a body that defines it, even if
only by its negative form.I am asking questions about the occupation of spaces and the
architecture of imagination, but through my work, I also search for the moment
of an emerge of space and its production.I focus on space as product of specific social
practices and create conceptualized abstractions of spaces that follow their
own rules.


Constantin Hartenstein (*1982 in Herzberg, Germany) is an installation and video artist living and working in Berlin and New York. His works deal with appearances of spaces within the context of mass media and fast forward consumer culture.He studied 'Experimental Media' at the University of the Arts Berlin where he graduated with honors in 2009. In 2010, he was awarded the 'honored master student' degree at Braunschweig University of Art where he studied 'Fine Arts' with Prof. Candice Breitz. In 2012, he will be an artist in resident in New York granted by Triangle Arts Association as well as an artist in resident at Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, California. His works have been exhibited and screened at international institutions such as Volksbühne Berlin, Berlinische Galerie, transmediale, Herzliya Bienal (IL),Goethe Institut New York and Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany.