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Constance Brady

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Free from Anything that Debases, to Make Clean for Ceremonial Use", 20"x20", Oil on Canvas, Nylon Patch
"A Wistful Desire to Return in Thought", 11"x14", Acrylic on Canvas, Sticker
"Advertising Braille to the Blind and Other Visual Conundrums", 14"x11", Pencil on Paper
"Ram", 14"x11", Pencil on Paper
"Friends", 14"x11", Pencil on Paper
Artist's Statement

The ready availability of smoke hoods, emergency wash equipment, face shields, visors, & respirators to the consumer public marks America’s Culture of Fear. These subjects are byproducts of the anxiety and necessity-for-preparedness that is the shared reality in a paranoid culture. Also available to the average consumer are mass produced stickers of religious & cultural symbols. Inherent to mass production, the symbols’ potency is neutralized; thereby rendering it’s function (to develop a resonant mythos expressing the morality of a society) platitudinous. By use of these media, Constance aims to employ a Duchampian component in her pictures, that of immediate accessibility to the viewer via familiar icons & common materials. Perhaps these subjects together, commodified religion & the current Culture of Fear, reinforce our societal imperatives for ease and security.

Constance Brady moved to Brooklyn, NY in 1997 where she earned her BFA from Pratt Institute & still holds her studio practice today. Her works have been exhibited and published internationally. Recognized as one of the world's top graffiti writers by Publisher's Weekly, paintings from Constance's "City Series", a body of work spanning from 2001 to 2006, are featured in Nicholas Ganz's Graffiti World (NY. Abrams, 2004. ISBN: 0810949792) and Graffiti Women (NY. Abrams, 2006. ISBN: 0810957477).
An inspirited and drastic departure from the pictures of her "City Series", Ms. Brady's "The Trepanation Series" (2006-2008) was exhibited at her first solo show with Magnan Projects in Chelsea, NYC and at Miami's Pulse Art Fair.
The artist is seeking new representation and looks forward to debuting her recent works in the Fall of 2010 by way of open studio tours.