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Conrad Vogel

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
" Huck , Huck " Acrylic on canvas 66" x 66" 2008
" Birth of Love During War " Hand cut Pop-out pigment print 20" w x 25 " h 2009
" Transit Reproach" Hand cut Pop-out pigment print 25" w x 30" h 2008
" Capt'em Smitty " Acrylic on Canvas 79" w x 69 1/2" h 2009
" Eve's Garden " Acrylic on canvas 81" w x 69 1/4" h 2009
Artist's Statement

In my Paintings and  Pop-out pigment prints, I create scenes in which my characters strut and fret their hour upon my stage, allowing the viewer to engage in a silent conversation with what is being developed before them. The works are meant  to be accessible at first viewing, using lively brush drawing and high, child like irrational color, that later deepens with the viewers perceiving the ironies of contrasts and juxtapositions by the fluidly drawn images.


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