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A tutorial of my Not Art app.
Artist's Statement

My art is an app I created. My message is simple and best described in my iTunes Store description:

You are not an Artist. This app is worth nothing.

This is a meta-modern commentary on the post-modern debasement of art. Everything is not art. Adding filters and angles to your selfies and photos does not make you an artist. If anything can be considered art then that means nothing could also be considered art. Express your evolving views by sharing your meta-modern photos with your friends. Take a photo, add a filter, and join the #NotArt movement by posting it to social media.

If art is meant to challenge established beliefs, then Not Art is ironically art.

Download the app and post your pics expressing your "Not Art" views to social media to create a giant collective statement.


I attend Columbia University, where as part of the required core curriculum, I have taken several art and music classes. I had always been inspired by artists such as John Cage, Jackson Pollack, and Shia LaBeouf. I find the simplicity of pieces such as 4'33 brilliant. While anyone can sit quietly at a piano, it takes a genius to recognize and call it art. I am not an artist in the traditional, in fact I do not consider myself an artist at all. Merely I am a software developer who was inspired. After a literature class on post-modernism. I began to reflect. My Professor emphasized on how the Post-Modern focuses on the shallow meaning, which is a reaction to the focus of depth in the Modern. What truly struck me is the Post-Modern message: everything is or can be art, so I decided the natural reaction should be nothing is art and nothing can be art. So I created Not Art as my own social critique of both the Post-Modern and Modern.