Colleen Sandland

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Artist's Statement

"With my mother and brother both being active and encouraging artists, drawing and painting was a normal way of life, and something I wanted to achieve at since my early childhood. My home was saturated with every type of plant and flower life imaginable. That exposure to the details that nature holds, has given me the visual ornaments that reveal the secret language in my paintings.


Colleen Attended Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles from 2004-2006, before transferring to a major in Textile Design at various Fashion Schools from F.I.D.M in Los Angeles, to New York's Fashion Institute of Technology.
Amidst her time in Los Angeles, several Art shows were curated and produced at Hangar 1018 and Infusion Gallery, including the Cannibal Flower movement by LC Crowley.
In 2008, Colleen left her Los Angeles heritage, and moved to New York City. In the Summer of 2009, Colleen met Michael Henry, Gallery owner and curator at MDH Fine Arts in Chelsea's art district. He had propositioned to put her work into his next spring show. In February of 2010, "The Flower Show" was a success in which most paintings were sold on opening night. Michael Henry is Colleen's art dealer to this day, who sells to various collectors, one who has used her painting "Astra" in an opening of a new hotel.