Coco Papy

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Studio Location
Immotive Things and How They Have Come to Pass. Acrylic, Collage, Glitter, and Feathers on Drafting Film. 36 x 42 in. 2009.
The Devouring. Acrylic and Collage on Watercolor Paper. 18 x 22 in. 2009.
Fast Talker. Acrylic, dirt, collage and glitter on drafting film. 42 x 48 in.
Delicious. Acrylic, collage, feathers and glitter on drafting film. 24 x 36 in
Salt Patty, Dirt, Mine. Acrylic , dirt, collage, and animal pelts on drafting film. 27 x 36 in.
Artist's Statement

I am exploring the contradictions of femininity and cultural identity, while touching on ideas of the nightmare of femininity, the female grotesque and the plasticization and violence towards the female body. I play with materials and use a process that explores the physical and metaphorical through questioning the definition of natural. By addressing both newer and older visual myths I am able to mine a trove of culturally popular images, desecrate and recreate them, piecing together inbred characters that are satirical mutilations. Using magazine imagery with painted surfaces and found materials, themes such as amputation, plastic surgery, beauty and excess are explored.


Coco Papy. Brooklyn, NY. B. 1985, Savannah, GA. Coco Papy was born the year of the ox and currently lives and works in her studio with her two cats in Bedford Stuyvesant. She received her degree in Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts in New York and works as a photo re-toucher in her other life. This is where she began her interest in her current body of work, after staring at similar images for hours, trying to airbrush the imperfections out of them. She was recently included in the Liste Basel : Young Art Fair, and has shown in New York, Berlin, San Francisco, and most recently Portland, and will be included in the March issue of Beautiful / Decay . She has big dreams and even bigger student loan debt. You can email her for a real resume you know...