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Clement Price Thomas

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Studio Location
Once Upon a Time, 2007-10, Human Bone, Paleontological resin, Stainless steel, string, 50 x 22 x 9 ½ inches
The Guide, 2008-10, Installation View, Central Park, NY. Artifical Breathing Mechanism, Leaves, Dimensions variable
R.S. Portrait, 2008, Human Blood and Salt on 650 grm HP Aqarelle Arches Paper 40 x 65 inches
Amaterasu, Mirror II 2007-2010, Breathing Mechanism, Trash Liner, 29 ½ x 21 x 15 inches
Serpentine Project Installation, Visual, 2005, Serpentine Bridge Looking West, London, C-Type Print 11 x 14 1/2 inches
Price Thomas
Artist's Statement

Growing up in a medical family fostered an awareness of the finite limitations of human existence and the ability of people to affect and extend life. This language transcends the boundaries of culture and region.

I make artwork that is concerned with the state of being alive and our perception of it. The materials I have used include water, salt, mould, blood, bones, concrete, insects, plants, explosives, transformers and electricity. Not only has the expression of life, transience, brevity, growth and change been continuously investigated but over the last few years working in the public realm has become increasingly important. Works like 'Whilst You're Sleeping' (95 ft high jet of water) and 'The Guide' (a breathing pile of leaves) aim to establish a more direct communication between the viewer, their physicality & their environment.


Clement Price Thomas (b.1971, Oxford, England) is a British artist who lives and works in New York City. He has received a Diploma in Fine Arts, from Camberwell Collage of Art, London in 1990 and a First Class Honours in Fine Art Studio Practices, from Kingston University in 1994. His installations and sculptures have been exhibited in Berlin, London and New York. Last September Clement was awarded the 2009 International Italian Art Prize Celeste, for Sculpture, Installation and Performance Art in Berlin. Clement will be exhibiting his work with the Goethe Institute in Germany at the end of 2010, with solo shows planned for this autumn in New York and London.