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Clare Churchouse

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
20 Inches from Then into the Future - detail 2010 Thread, nails & mixed media 88" x 160" x 5"
Eleven Places Where My Feelings Lived - detail 2007 Thread, nails & mixed media 66" x 96" x 5"
5 Hours Between Now and Then - detail 2008 Thread, nails & mixed media 82" x 105" x 26"
3 Places Inside My Childhood I Made - detail corner 2009 Thread, nails & mixed media 56" x 121" 16"
5 Hours Between Now and Then - 2 - detail 2009 Thread, nails & mixed media 82" x 105" x 14"
Artist's Statement

I make wall-based thread installations that translate the idea of narrative into a 3-d space that functions as drawing, narrative structure and spatial object. I explore how the emotional life is constructed/reconstructed, and how we physically navigate experiences and memories of places. The installations combine memories, fragmented Internet narratives and research pertaining to specific sites and their changing histories.

I use sewing thread tied to brads to make incomplete architectural, spatial structures outlined from different viewpoints, and add partial maps, objects, words, barcodes, tape, modeling clay and abstract marks. The overlapping relational systems created (timelines, language, scalar measurements) alternate with blank wall space.

I am interested in mapping a sense of before, now and possible futures.
I am interested in the temporary fragile nature of these works.


I grew up in the UK and moved to NYC in the last few years. I have a visual arts BA from Lancaster University, UK, and a painting MFA from Reading University, UK. I have co-founded three small independent arts organizations in the UK, and have participated in various art residencies including Art Omi, NY, and the International Studio and Curatorial Program, NYC. My work has been exhibited my work widely, including at the Clove 2 Gallery in London and the Turnpike Gallery in Manchester, UK; and in U.S. exhibitions, including Plane & Elevation at Art in General, NYC; Outpost at Smack Mellon gallery, Brooklyn; Skirting the Line: Conceptual Drawing at The Richard E. Peeler Art Center, DePauw University; Spatial Non-Fictions at the ISE Foundation, NYC; and as Artist of the Week at Pierogi gallery in Brooklyn. Awards include a London Arts Board Artists Award.