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christopher padula

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
"scavengerscope" 24x30 bones and spray paint on wood
"chet baker" 18x24 bones, acrylic, spray paint and exterior house paint on canvas panel
"self portrait 2" 6x8 bones and acrylic on canvas panel
"shake it mama" 18x24 bones acrylic and spray paint on canvas panel
"exit wound" 25x37 bones and spray paint on wood
Artist's Statement

i have been doing hair for more than half of my life... which surprisingly has prepared me for working with bones today. both are stubborn until you form a relationship with them. they both will seek to give you only what they will give you. you must know when is the time to accept them as they are or to force them to your will. but in the end you are just trying to make them pretty.


i work as a hairstylist but have concentrated on music for the past several decades. i have no formal training in art which has it's draw backs, but on the flip side, the simplest of things is an exciting discovery for as i've plunged into my new found love of painting. each idea has been a puzzle with unique challenges and solutions.
working with bones is the revisiting of an idea from my childhood that i didn't yet know how to approach.
all these years later i am in the place i need to be in to see it through.