Christo Allegra

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Recollection - Archived 9/11 text messages are printed live in an automated sculptural environment of found objects and light.
Recollection - These printed messages replay the 24hr period of the WTC via a programmed and database driven performance.
Recollection - As the paper falls the red and blue strobes catch the edges.
Memory Loss - Photos taken of the WTC are fed into a system that slowly erodes them as it reconstructs them as unique Xeroxs.
At the End of the Day - S&P500 stock data from recession to recession (2002-2008) is mapped to b&w roses.
Artist's Statement

I am an information designer and media artist. My work connects detritus and the ephemeral, as represented by the mundane object and information systems. I write software and drive physical environments with the Processing framework.

Juxtaposition, collage, cut-up, and conflation are methods that I use to construct intersection points and map meaning. Intersecting seemingly disparate spectrums creates expressive possibility that can be mechanized for iterative representational effect. The aesthetic pursuit is exformational experiences (as defined by Kenya Hara and demonstrated by Felix Gonzalez-Torres) that teeter towards the sublime even as they circumscribe their own linguistic boundaries.


I have been making information based art for the last 15 years.

I became engaged with the medium after completing my undergraduate in Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins while minoring in computer science. Post graduation in 1996, I launched which was recognized by early net artists for its experimental work with narrative, text, image and sound.

Since my first Apple ][e, code has been a method of exploration for interactive media, information design, and graphic language. Subjects have included queer politics, 9/11 WTC, financial data, visualization, and physicalized narrative. In May 2010, I completed my MFA from UCLA D|MA where my graduate work concentrated on automated data-driven spaces for performance.