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Christina Dallas

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Artist's Statement

These color photographs are not digitally composed, they are installations photographed as the final composition. The portraits are taken inside of faux sets. They are of little girls with bodies of cloth and stuffing,
with photographic faces. . There faces reference photography,a portrait within a portrait, the photographic double, our reflection, our mask.
These portraits are photographic reflections of psychological and psychic complexities that can exist within .They are a reference to the photograph as a memory ,as a great light and marker of destiny, as magic, and the lost past and future faces of ones time within a fraction of time.


2009 "Fata Morgana", Brooklyn , NY
2008 “Mollusk Collective”, Bongout Showroom, Berlin ,Germany
2007 “Project Diversity”, Queens Council on the Arts. Y Gallery, NY
2006 “Women: Self Portrait”, Kasha Hildebrand Gallery, New York, NY
2003 “Brave Destiny”, Wah Center,Brooklyn NY
2002 "echo", 31 Grand , Brooklyn , Ny
Please see website for further exhibitions and awards
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