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Christian Tuempling

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Mud face #24, 2000. Toned gelatin silver print 40x51 inches, 2/5
Papa, 2002. Scanned image from 8x10 B&W negative film.
Canal Street, 2002. Toned gelatin silver print 12x12 inches, 2/25
Macleaya cordata, 2009. Toned silver gelatin print 18.5x18.5 inches, 1/15
Tooth brush, toothpaste, dental floss and spit, 2000. Toned silver gelatin print, 40x55 inches, unique
Artist's Statement

Photography is what I happen to use as a tool. The chemical process, not so reliable as the digital process, constantly surprises me in its magic. Whether it is the anticipation of pulling the negative out of the fixer and being energized by the latent image or whether it is the search of a new idea, the process of creation is simply irreplaceable. More importantly, the process of creation allows me to define myself by my ideas and to be free within myself as opposed to defining myself by my possessions.