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Christian Finbar Kelly

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Fujiroid Girl/Instant fuji emulsion lift over plastic,295 lifts body,each one came from slide of the corresponding body area
The Ghost of Prospect Park, Pinhole photos, cyanotype print
Pinhole photo of Driers/ printed in darkroom
Polaroid transfer shot on Polapan printed with daylab onto 669
Pinhole Photo taken for World Wide Pinhole Photo Day 2013 4x5 Illford film
Christian Finbar
Artist's Statement

I am not interested in software. Paintings, illustration, sculptures, and photos don't come from pixels.Art from pixels is digital art.I will keep working in real world methods of process and artistry. The day after Worldwide Pinhole Photo Day 2013, I wrote the following statement while looking at one of the participants work: "I literally love pinhole photography(except the digital pinhole,bleck),anyway back to the good stuff,look at this photo,look at the camera that made it,i love real photography.Something flawed can be perfect.Process is beautiful.Chance is magical.Can't you feel this moment dragging on as the image draws you to look deeper into it's reflections? I don't think this is the best photo ever, but it stands for everything that makes real photography precious?It reminds me that dedication,creativity,and patience make art and life important and easy to share."


Christian Finbar Kelly was born in New York, June of 1976. He grew up south of Boston before he started moving around, eventually living at thirty-two different addresses between Boston,Chicago,and New York City.
These frequent environmental changes brought with them an unruly structure of life, creating unique improvisational skills. The methods of working with what one has or what one can acquire for little or nothing helped him form a relationship with process; where process is as meaningful to him as the final outcome.
Today,Christian lives above his darkroom in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn where he plans to stay forever.He works in traditional photo and experimental methods,shooting lots of pinhole, printing in color,B&W,cyanotype and Van Dyke. He is Co-founder and Co-curator of Armature Art Space in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn