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Chris Wiley

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
untitled, 2009 (Ink Jet Print, 20 x 24")
untitled, 2009 (Ink Jet Print, 20 x 24")
untitled, 2009 (Ink Jet Print, 20 x 24")
untitled, 2008 (Ink Jet Print, 20 x 24")
Artist's Statement

Sometimes when I look through the viewfinder and see the little corners of the world light up, they shimmer with such a suchness that my pupils dilate. Who knew that so much could happen in such small places, when they fill up with light and presence? Who could have overlooked them?


Chris Wiley is an artist and writer who lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He holds a BA in photography and art history from Sarah Lawrence College and an MA in contemporary art theory from Goldsmiths College, University of London. He has shown his work in New York, Philadelphia, Germany, and in various online publications. He is a contributing writer to Kaleidoscope and has written for various other publications including Abitare and Cabinet. He has also previously worked on curatorial projects at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and is currently working in this capacity on the 8th Gwangju Biennial in South Korea.