Ching Wen Tsai

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
DISTANT MEMORY. Pine wood, tree trunk. Varied size. 2014
THE SPIRIT - LIFE CYCLE STAGE IIII. Mixed media. Varied sizes. 2015
THE SPIRIT - LIFE CYCLE STAGE III IIV V VI. Mixed media. Varied sizes. 2015
CHAOTIC SEA. Acrylic boards, dyed silk organza, lights. Varied sizes. 2014
THE WALLS BETWEEN HUMAN BEINGS. Wood, glue, medium gel, resin. Variable length x 5 x 200 cm each. 2012
Ching Wen
Artist's Statement

Ching-Wen Tsai has been exploring the body-mind-spirit theme for years. Her work intends to serve as a medium for the public to become more aware of the mystery of the spiritual world. Her works reflect on the nature or spirit of things, but also on the objects themselves. She seeks to describe the essence of things, but also the appearance or surface of them. Through art, she transmits the energy of spirituality to the viewer, and reflects her inner vision of nature, human beings, animals, mysticism and more. She questions society's beliefs through various aspects of her work, striving to provide various ways of interpreting and viewing her works beyond the stereotypical biases of the viewer.


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