China Marks

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
The Reckoning, 2009. 53" x 53.5" Fabric, thread, mixed media.
Private Mysteries, 2009. 34.5" x 40.75" Fabric, thread, mixed mediaa.
Billy Van, the Illustrated Man, 2008. Fabric, thread, mixed media.
pp. 2-3 of Book of Lives, 2008. Fabric, thread, industrial felt, mixed media.
Radiant Messenger, 2007. Fabric, thread, mixed media.
Artist's Statement

My sewn books and sewn drawings are artifacts of process. I draw with an industrial sewing machine, thread into fabric, doing, undoing, revising over time.
I need only act on what is happening under my hands.
Because each time I start at the beginning on a different day with a different assortment of fabrics, one drawing can look very different from another.
But ther process remains the same