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Chi-Wei Hue

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Artist's Statement

My work is shaped by memories and experiences. All memories are shaped by the experience of their existence, just as my identity and concepts are shaped by my life’s experiences. With the aid of a camera, the subject matter is shot, manipulated on a computer, and then hand drawn. The process reduces facial details into amorphous shapes of varying scale, which when combined with memories, helps in constructing what is perceived to be the face of a person. Then a stencil is cut and paint is applied. In this way the initial experience shapes the process while the process reshapes the original experience, thus creating a dialogue between content and process.


My name is Chi-Wei Hue, I was born in Taiwan and came to the states when I was five.
I grew up in Queens New York and graduated from the High School of Art and Design.
I received two A.A.S. from the Fashion Institute of Technology, one degree in Illustration and another in Advertising.
My website is