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THE Family Jewels 2012 (CHARLOTTE GHIORSE) 212 505 7065
This installation is about some of the screwed up values in American (U.S.) culture; the decay of
Opulence. And the finding of moral correctness in a culture that values, “I want more, and I want it ALL and I want it right now.” How do we find out about what is good and right in the culture of MORE? What is good sound advice, good mothering, good business, good loving, what are good habits, or what are healthy habits? How do we see clearly when so much information, advertising, chaos is coming at us all the time? How do we find out what is important when we are so short on time? Can hard work save us?
Using images of a perfect size extra small pre-adolescent girls’ dress, and her very feminine classic—tied to the waist 10 screaming children in a wagon. Echoing how responsibilities all at once overwhelm and keep us grounded, in this world. Included are 3 videos.


continued.... THE unconscious pressure women are under—they can’t even swear, they aren’t really permitted to be sexy as moms, well maybe. Balanced by the pink hot rod (5/8 size, fiberglass), a symbol of the masculine American Dream—a 70’s car—omni potently championing all…will always be important, chaotically placed on top of a selected trash heap covered in Pink Flowers and slammed by a Chandelier. Reminds us that probably things have been derailed since then (the 70’s), with more cars being made than probably almost anything. And reminds us to ask, “Exactly where do all the cars go when we are done with them??” As well it’s a nod to the power balance between men and women, how exactly do they work together? How do they take care of each other? How do we proceed? Can the female drive that pink car? Ultimately the title: “The Family Jewels” refers tongue-in-cheek to WHO holds all the power? Is it women is it men is it shared?